MSP – machine control PC

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MSP – machine control PC 19 “computer, LCD terminal and service pack

HF subrack 19″ / 3HE with ISA / AT96 bus, Euroboard IPC with 3 axes positioning control, 64 digit. I / O, FD / HD drives, soft PLC; external control and display terminal; Service keyboard with small display.

The MSP machine control PC operates a painting robot with 3 positioning axes and associated binary control. The system is part of a production line for furniture. The robot’s travel programs are controlled manually in set-up mode, the travel paths and sequence of movements are saved on the hard disk and output on the FD. The operating [&] display level with comfortable operator guidance takes place on the industrial machine terminal IMT. The 19 “rack is attached to the mounting plate in the switch cabinet, the IMT is mounted on the system control station.

The MSP consists of a standard 19″ / 3U / 42TE subrack in HF-resistant design and with screw fastening. All interfaces are led out to the front.

Internally, a CPCI or ISA / AT96 bus board with 5 slots is installed. The computing power of the fanless CPU can be selected between AMD Geode 266 MHz, VIA Eden 400 MHz and Intel Celeron M 650 MHz. Actively cooled CPCI CPUs up to Pentium M 2GHz are also available. The main memory can be expanded up to 1GB, depending on the CPU, a bootable CompactFlash disk or 1 to 2 HDDs in 2.5 “or 3.5” format can be added. All common PC interfaces are on board; CD-ROM or USB sticks can be connected externally. The graphics connection is made available as TTL or LVDS as required. The power supply unit with filter and power switch can be selected in 9-36V DC or 90-265V AC.

Further PC components can be integrated: PC card, Modem, WLAN, additional interfaces and digital / analog peripheral cards. The system can be configured customer-specifically if required by [gt] 25 pieces / year. WIN XP, XP embedded, Linux, DOS or a real-time system can be loaded as the operating system. Standard user programs, SoftPLC and drivers can also be installed in a customer-specific image.

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Power supply

12/24 VDC


Variable, fanless and inexpensive computer box; suitable for use in continuous operation., 19 “subracks in standard widths with cards according to customer requirements., Integrated CPCI or ISA / AT96 backplane with 3-, 5-7 slots and optional CPU power., AMD Geode 266MHz – Intel Pentium M 2GHz, bootable CF disk or PC card / HDD to choose from., Power supply 24VDC or 95-265VAC, filter / IEC socket, power switch, LEDs., Operating systems installed as required: DOS, WIN XP, XP embedded or Linux.