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About MASS – market knowledge from over 40 years of business activity

Founded in 1979. Initial planning, programming, commissioning and maintenance of machine control systems with PLCs from leading manufacturers. Expansion to include devices and control cabinets for interlinked production lines. From 1988 Use of the first industrial PCs on single Eurocards with numerous I/O boards (fast counting, positioning and measurement technology). Since 1992, IPCs have been used instead of PLCs. MASS was involved in the definition and testing of the IPC bus systems ISA96 and IPCI as well as some platforms for embedded PCs.

From 1995 Use of the first LC displays as the successor to CRT monitors. Touchscreens were then introduced instead of membrane keyboards. The software developments were carried out under real-time multitasking and DOS/Windows operating systems.
Since then, > 100,000 IPCs have been delivered to customers worldwide.

Our focus

Design, project planning, development, testing and production of series devices for factory automation and IT applications. CAD-supported mechanical design, definition of the equipment features of IPC modules and systems; selection of suitable purchased parts; functional and endurance testing of hardware and software; temperature tests in the climate chamber; creation of assembly and test instructions as well as product documentation.
Service for delivered systems partly > for 10 years.

Our employees

Developers for electronics hardware, electromechanical design, operating system software and test field programs; industrial electronics engineers, service technicians, QA specialists, marketing and sales specialists, purchasing, AV and administrative staff. Our detailed knowledge of all the boards of the market leaders in the embedded sector prevents expensive duplicate developments or one-offs.

Our manufacturing resources

Electronic device construction on 4 production lines. Networking of all workstations in production, AV, materials management and administration. Prototyping, endurance and final testing, test laboratory with climate chamber, repair department, mechanical workshop, warehouse and dispatch.
MASS GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

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