About MASS – Marketing experience from 40 years of business

Company founded in 1979. Starting jobs were planning, programming and putting to operation of PLCs produced by leading suppliers. Our program was enlarged by electronic control devices and switching cabinets; later on by complex installations of production lines and networks. In 1988 MASS launched the first industrial PC system based on fanless Euroboards (single height), containing several I/O boards, counting- and measuring devices, using a RTX DOS operation system. Since 1995 MASS substituted monitors by LC displays and membrane keyboards by touch screens and we played a part in definition and field tests of the IPC bus systems ISA96 (16 bit), IPCI (32 bit) and in some embedded PC platforms.
Till this day MASS delivered > 75 000 IPCs to clients all over the world.

Our main focus

Conceptional design, project planning, CAD of mechanics & electronics; production and test of standard equipment for factory automation. Definition of all features of IPC boards, peripheral electronic devices and systems; selection of applicable components, test of hard- and software, writing of assembly instructions, inspection sheets and technical documentation, arrangement of materials management, service organisation and series production. Our detailled knowledge of boards available at the market leaders of embedded industry helps avoiding multiple designs or unicums.

Our staff members

Electronic hardware designers, construction-, test facility-, quality management- and service engineers, software designers, electronics- and mechanics technicians; marketing- and sales specialists, personel for purchasing, operations scheduling, accounting and administration.

Our production facilities

4 assembly lines with networked assistance of process planning, r&d and materials logistics. Several work benches for prototypes, final- and endurance tests and repairs. Conditioning cabinet, mechanic workshop, warehouse and shipment.
MASS succeeds in permanent achievement of the DIN certification acc. to ISO9001:2015.

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