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Industrial computer MASS – customised for your needs

Industrial PCs are industrially used computers that are required for automation processes and control systems and make workflows much easier.

To survive in competition with ever shorter delivery times and lower prices, a customised solution must be developed for many computer applications. This places a considerable burden on medium-sized manufacturers of machines. This explains the trend towards purchasing a complete solution; “Everything from one source“. This is where our services come into play: We are constantly working on expanding industrial computers with new functions and features.

Development of industrial computers with worldwide shipping

MASS GmbH is your reliable partner for individual industrial computers from Hanau. For 40 years we have been developing customer-specific systems for companies in various industries throughout Germany and worldwide. Our product range today covers almost all industrial computer functions.

Even customers whose annual requirement is “only” about 10 to 25 systems and who are therefore dismissed by many suppliers as not interesting are at the right address with us. We attach great importance to the delivery of a ready-to-run solution, which also includes the customer’s previous software.

Our current products – you will find what you are looking for now

Our services in a nutshell:

  • Conception, project planning, development, testing and production of serial devices for factory automation and IT applications.
  • CAD-supported mechanical design, defining the equipment features of industrial computers / industrial PC assemblies and systems
  • Selection of suitable purchased parts
  • Functional and endurance test of hardware and software
  • Temperature tests in the climatic chamber
  • Preparation of assembly and testing instructions and product documentation
  • Long-term service for delivered systems (sometimes even after more than 10 years)

Professional know-how all along the line

Our trained employees are developers for electronic hardware, electromechanical design, operating system software and test facility programs. We also employ experienced industrial electronics engineers, service technicians and QA specialists. Marketing and sales specialists as well as purchasing, AV and administrative personnel complete our team of experts. Our detailed knowledge of all boards of the market leaders in the embedded industry prevents expensive duplicate developments or unique products.

Our manufacturing resources for qualitative results

We offer a broad portfolio of manufacturing resources to provide you with high-performance products. Our electronic equipment manufacturing is carried out on four production lines. All workstations (production, AV, development, materials management, administration) are networked with each other. Sample construction, endurance and final testing in our test laboratory with a climatic chamber ensure that you receive faultless industrial computers, tailored to your needs. Should defects nevertheless occur, our repair department and mechanical workshop are well equipped. Finally, the storage and shipping department ensures that your product reaches you as quickly and safely as possible.

By the way: MASS GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and we are committed to the highest quality and compliance with all requirements and standards!

Are you interested in our customised industrial computers and individual solutions for industrial PCs? We look forward to your order! You can reach us at our company location in Hanau by phone +49 (0) 6181 90688-0 or via our contact form.

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