Dear prospective customer,

MASS develops client-specific sytems since 40 years. That´s why our product line covers almost every IPC option.

As many clients disagree with standard bulk products they prefer a special design in order to apply identification with their unique machines and their special features.

So they look for a provider being able to build a tailor-made automation system. And this is our mission.

We permanently design IPC characteristics to improve the performance and to be present with all fast changing technologies. Even at limited items of 10 – 25 pieces a year we offer a solution ready to start including the software our clients are used to work with.

Here are some criteria to be implemented in your special design:

Interfaces (amount + technology) your application needs. Bus systems (sub-assemblies) to be integrated in your system, WLAN, RFID or encryption modules, antennas of different technologies, power over Ethernet, remote ON / OFF control, measurement engineering, integration of camera, card reader, microphone, speaker, diverse sensors, subassemblies of IoT applications or special packages or housings.

Please ask for an offer; we already realized many suchlike systems.

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