KSP – compact control PC with service equipment

KSP • Compact control PC ½ 19 “rack with modular computer

HF subrack 19″ 3HE / 42TE with ISA / AT96 bus, Euroboard-IPC, digital and analog I / O cards of your choice; HD / CF drives, power supply unit, operating system and soft PLC. Service accessories: small LCD and keyboard.

The KSP is used as an IPC-based industrial machine controller for medium-sized automation applications that require separate operating [&] Display terminal or run fully automatically in continuous operation without a human-machine interface.

In addition to binary [&] analog control functions, computationally intensive tasks, interface management, data acquisition and communication via fieldbus or networks are the particular strengths of the KSP. The variable card configuration (CPU and max. 6 peripheral cards) enables the most diverse automation tasks to be implemented.

The KSP consists of a standard 19 “/ 3U / 42HP subrack in HF-proof design with screw fastening for mounting plates. All interfaces are led out to the front.

Internally, a CPCI or ISA / AT96 bus board with 7 slots is installed. The computing power of the fanless CPU can be selected between AMD Geode 266 MHz, VIA Eden 400 MHz and Intel Celeron M 650 MHz. Fan-affected CPCI CPUs up to Pentium M 2GHz are also available. The main memory can be expanded up to 1GB, depending on the CPU, a bootable CompactFlash disk or 1 to 2 HDDs in 2.5 “or 3.5” format can be used. All common PC interfaces are on board; CD-ROM or USB stick can be connected externally. The graphics connection is made available as TTL or LVDS if required. The power supply unit can be selected with a filter and power switch in 24VDC or 90-265V AC.

Other PC components can be integrated: PC card, modem, WLAN, additional interfaces and digital / analog peripheral cards. The system is configured customer-specifically from requirements [gt] 25 pieces / year. WIN XP, XP embedded, Linux, DOS or a real-time system can be installed as the operating system. User programs such as soft PLC and drivers can also be installed in a customer-specific image. The industrial machine terminal IMT can be connected as an MMI.

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Power supply

12/24 VDC


Variable, fanless and inexpensive computer; suitable for use in continuous operation., 19 "subrack 42HP width with cards according to customer requirements., Integrated CPCI or ISA / AT96 bus board with 7 slots and selectable CPU performance., AMD Geode 266MHz – Intel Pentium M 2GHz, bootable CF disk and PC card / HDD to choose from., Power supply 24VDC or 95-265VAC, filter / IEC socket, power switch, LEDs., Operating systems installed as required: WIN XP, XP embedded, Linux, DOS, Realtime OS, User software is installed as required: Soft PLC, visualization, drivers and utilities.