Intelligent Computer Solutions – designed for industrial applications

Exceptional designs

We design customer-specific products even at a moderate number of items. To reduce construction cost we prefer to reuse parts from foregoing projects. That way prototypes are inexpensive and they often increase to repetition systems. Please ask for an offer.


This modular vehicle PC contains of an 8,4" SVGA touch display, a SBC with the CPU
Intel Atom D510 dual core running at 1,66GHz, a power supply with input voltage of
12/24VDC and an integrated system control. The powder coated color RAL7011 may
be changed to customer´s demand.
The modification of the previous type of vehicle computer is a system with a separate
PC unit in a ruggedized box suitable for connection of an external 8" or 12" LC touch
display (5m max. length of the cable).
Another vehicle computer model got a bigger PC box (containing
some more techn. features)and an external 8" or 12" LC touch
display (5m max. length of the cable).
A robust aluminium housing contains a ruggedized PC with a 12" LCD and an
angular keyboard unit. Its power supply may be changed from 12/24VDC to
90-265VAC. The housing incl. all connectors is water-proof according to
protection class IP65. Mounting the system is enabled by a VESA arm.
This standard 19"/3U/84HP rack contains a single height Euroboard PC baseboard equipable with an ETX processor board (various CPUs available). The 42HP display unit contains a 5,7" or a 7" wide screen LCD assembled with a resistive touch screen and a separate power on/off switch. The rack may also be equipped with several Euroboards of different functions.