VIDEO 2 – GRAPHIC INVERTER displaying of camera pictures on LCDs

Graphic inverter board displaying of video signals in the formats PAL, NTSC or SECAM with automatic format detecting/switching.

INPUT: max. 4 channels, to select from 4xCVBS, 2xS-Video or 1xCVBS + 1xS-Video. The display resolution may range from 640×400 up to 1024×1280 Pixel. The appropriate settings of the display will be performed by jumpers.

The actuation may be digital by 3×6 Bit or 3×8 Bit. The output to the display is wired to a TTL- and parallel to a LVDS connector. There is an adapter available to attach displays with dual-pixel format that is plugged on the 66-pin row of connectors. Some other adapters are available for double-LVDS or digital actuation of different displays.

5 pushbuttons on the PCB allow the parameter settings (picture position, phase), alternatively an external keyboard (option) or a serial interface may be used. The board provides an automatic mode but from experience there should be a manual phase setting after the automatic adjustment in order to get an optimal picture. An on-screen-menue will guide the operator.

The following video systems will be detected automatically:

NTSC M 60Hz NTSC 4,43 60Hz NTSC N 50Hz SECAM 50Hz
PAL BGHI 50Hz PAL M[nbsp]60Hz PAL 4,43 60Hz [nbsp]
SVIDEO 50 Hz SVIDEO[nbsp]60Hz [nbsp] [nbsp]

A display-specific cable (standard lenght 30 cm) provides connection between VIDEO 2 board and display input. To select the proper cable the display type and its producer have to be specified when ordering.

Power input voltage: 9 – 36 VDC. Power output for B/L-inverter: 5- or 12VDC, max 1A. If a regulated 12V output is essential for the inverter, the voltage input of the board should be 14VDC minimum !

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Only one model for display resolutions from VGA up to SXGA., Connection of 4xFBAS or 2xSVIDEO or 2xFBAS+ 1xSVIDEO signals., Automatic up-scaling of the resolutions VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA., Power of the backlight inverter is supplied by the VIDEO 2 board., 5 pushbuttons used for settings of phase and picture position., Input voltage 9-36VDC Output BL-inverter either 5- or 12VDC max.1A., Display cable available with connector for TTL or LVDS displays.