TSS – Touch Screen Sensors

T S S – Touch Screen Sensors Keyboard replacement when using LC displays

Modern alternative solution compared to membrane keyboards
LC-displays substitute monitors in the markets of computers and man-tomachine interfaces. Along with this evolution the techniques of operation and visualisation panels also changed towards touch screens.
Membrane keyboards normaly use each key for one single function that will not be changed; this function is labeled with its text or symbol. Modern keyboards already got several function keys who’s different meanings are stored in a database. Touchscreens are equipped with a software operator interface displayed on the screen. That way each function may be designed in different sizes, formats and colours; expressed by blinking or permanent light. The meaning will be shown as a text on the display varying in different languages.

Different Methods of Touch-Sensors
On the market there are resistive technologies using 4-, 5- or 8 wires, also capacitive methods, the surface acoustic wave principle, piezoresistive or some special touch screen sensors are offered on the market.

Technical criteria of the different methods
Resolution, linearity, sensitiveness of the surface, max. amount of operations during the life cycle, absoption of light, ruggedness against scratches and chemical substances, operation with gloves, reaction rate, acceptable range of temperature and safety against vandalism are the criteria to observe.

Touch Screen Controller for interpretation of the touch position
The controllers are usually installed serial in the PS/2 line. They contain programmable interfaces RS232- / PS/2- or USB.

Surrounding specifications
The system integrator selects the best suitable touch screen. He should observe operation and storage temperatures, acceptable relative humidity and max. height of operation, shock, vibration, electrical-, mechanical and EMC data to correspond with the requirements of the application.

Software Support
There are touch drivers available for all ongoing operation systems.

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Substitution of the expensive membrane keyboards., Wide range of touch screen technologies for different applications., Display & touch screen are bonded clean and dust-proof to each other., High production lots of either touch and display provide low prices., Design of all operation/ visualisation functions by software: max. flexibility., Changing of funktions by software – no need for hardware redesign., Speedy market entry provided at low cost and technical risks.